I offer a range of treatment techniques including:


Injury Assessment and Management / Therapeutic Exercise / Gentle Mobilisations of Joints / Sports Massage / Electrotherapy / Kinesiology Taping / Education on Posture / Pain Management Information / Acupuncture (not all physiotherapists are qualified in this)


Injury Assessment & Management


Injury Assessment & Management services. Come see me with any injury old or new and I will help your recovery by developing a personal rehabilitation plan. 

Kinesiology Taping


Kinesiology Taping services. Try RockTape to prevent fatigue, promote circulation and enhance recovery. Unlike traditional tape RockTape activates / optimises nervous and myofacial systems to reduce pain and improve movement. 



Massage services. I can offer general pre and post event massage, injury massage, Swedish Body Massage and relaxation massages with Aromatherapy oils. 



Acupuncture service to help with pain management. 

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