Acupuncture Training - The First Weekend

Well its been a busy weekend training in Manchester!

The course well held by AACP - Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapist.

We started with learning the basics......

- Origins and Evolution of Acupuncture

- Neurological Mechanisms 1.Localand segmental Analgesia

- Safety of Acupuncture

- Neurological Mechanisms 2. Supraspinal Analgesia, Affective and Autonomic Effects

- Acupuncture for low back pain - The Evidence

We also started learning and needling some of the meridians and acupuncture points.

1. Large Intestine Meridian

2. Lung Meridian

3. Stomach Merdian

4. Spleen Meridian

5. Bladder Meridian

The next weekend is in two weeks where we will continue to learn more maridians and have a test on safety and needling compentancy....... wish me good luck!!!!

To follow my progress keep up dated with this blog or follow me on facebook :)


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